Controversial statement alert! (We’re already days into the new year, so it’s high time we stir things up…)

Most likely we’ve all heard or spoken the old adage, “Practice makes perfect.”

But, is that actually true?

Does practice really make perfect? Is it possible it’s patently false, as well as potentially harmful to a healthy family life and our collective self-esteems?

Ok, now that I’ve utterly offended my first-grade teacher (who said it constantly, bless her heart) along with the rest of you… allow me to explain. If I practice every day for 10 hours on the piano, will that ensure that I become a virtuoso piano player? Not necessarily. I will undoubtedly improve greatly, but that doesn’t guarantee perfection.

My kid who has always been “meh” at basketball, if he practices regularly and consistently, will that guarantee he’s the best player on the team? He’s tried and—nope. But he’s also distinguished himself as one of the most tenacious players among his peers. The kid’s got grit!

So, clearly, I’m NOT suggesting we abandon the idea of practicing things just because perfection isn’t attainable. Of course not! But it’s a much healthier approach with family and children to keep in mind that while we will never achieve absolute perfection…

practice does in fact make PROGRESS!

Swapping out that one little word unlocks a world of opportunity towards building character. That’s why we’re looking to the future with a hopeful, yet very realistic perspective towards—not nailing a gazillion goals perfectly, but making real strides towards positive and lasting change. In approaching things in this way, we’re not overwhelmed by lofty goals that aren’t super practical in this season of our lives (which often result in forgoing them altogether). Instead, we’re energized to take steps in the right direction! Let’s boldly march forward with our spouse & kids into 2021!

Experts agree that the solution to creating real transformation begins by setting manageable goals—daily, weekly, and monthly. Then, at the end of the year, you can look back and appreciate all that improvement and retool whatever didn’t stick. This is so helpful for teaching your kids healthy living habits for brighter futures. What better time than right now to start going for the goals?


  1. Boost Organization & Order (DAILY)

    If you haven’t already started using our super effective 5-Star daily routine (get one for each member of the fam in our 5-Star Days Family kit or with a subscription to our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage), this is a great way to get everyone’s daily routine going without hassle. If you’ve been doing it, great! Your kids have their marching orders.

    How about making one daily goal as a family/team. It could be whatever works for your family. For instance, if you’re doing online learning and working from home, talk about making sure work spaces are neat and tidy by the time the end of day whistle blows. What a small thing that will offer a huge impact. Be sure to post it, or mark it on everyone’s daily routine. Simply, writing it down makes it more achievable.

  2. Institute a Family Meeting or Huddle (WEEKLY)

    This is going to help in ways you can’t even imagine. A big obstacle to building character in families is a lack of communication. We’re all doing our own thing and we start to drift apart. If you plan for a 20-30 minute gathering once a week, you’re going to see major progress in how everyone relates to one another. Talk about what the week’s organizational goals are and begin to assess how the past week went. Go over everyone’s activities and plans for the week. When people (kids in particular) feel part of the overall decision-making and operations of a family, they become more invested. Even teenagers can begin to show positive involvement when they are empowered by good communication.

  3. Look Back & Assess (MONTHLY/QUARTERLY/YEARLY)

    This is when everyone asks the questions “what worked, what didn’t?” Seems so simple, but often we forget or overlook it. Don’t make that mistake! This is a such a crucial step in successfully reaching family goals. Want more leisure time in your life? Do you dream of regular date nights with the hubs? What about kids helping out every day? Let’s turn those dreams into reality! Since, we know you’re headed to success, we’ve created a free Families of Character Goal-Setting Guide. Just hit print and watch your whole brood sail through this simple timeline to transformation! Repeat after me, practice makes PROGRESS!


You’ve got this, parents! Not only will you see sustained change in everyone’s lives over time, you’re passing on to your kids a lasting legacy of organization and orderliness that will benefit the whole world. What an amazing goal to shoot for in 2021!

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