How to Find Your Purpose This Year

It’s that time of year, when the “new year, new me” posts come out of the floodgates, full of optimism and vision. It’s not to say that these aspirations might eventually become hopeless, but you wonder if behind all of these fabulous goals exists an actual plan to get the job done.

Well, we are here to tell you that almost anything can be accomplished—only if you make it a habit, of course. Here at Families of Character, we exist on the notion that our huge, awesome destiny is actually made up of the little, habitual decisions we make daily.


  1. Look Around You: this will clue you in on what you should be paying attention to as you define your purpose this year. Does one of your kids need extra help this year? Does the home need a little work? Maybe there is something in your relationships you want to improve. Maybe you want to lose some extra weight. No matter what your focus is, stay close to home. The space and time that you exist in is purposeful in itself, so there is no need to wander too far.

  2. Define Your Purpose: once you find that area of focus, be specific about what it is you want to accomplish with it. The more specific, the better. Cast a vision about what your life could look like if you succeeded. Then, write it down somewhere or even create a vision board.

  3. Share It with Others: tell people. This doesn’t have to be done in a grand, proud way. This needs to be done so others can hold you accountable. You are more likely to succeed if you know someone is watching. This is not a bad thing!

  4. Create the Action Plan: this is actually going to be more simple than you think. Every day, once a day, you are now going to do one small thing to accomplish that goal. If this seems too daunting, tackle it one month at a time. Create a habit every day for one month to accomplish your goal. Then the next month, step back and re-look at it.

  5. Just Keep Going: you will most likely be very motivated at first, but that feeling is likely to wear off. Discipline is hard in times like these, but those will be the moments that change takes place. You will be thankful for your small decisions every day, and by the end of the year you are going to look back and see that everything is different.

Purpose is a great thing to focus on, but what we really should be focused on is Purposefulness, which is the habit in which we achieve our purpose. It is only out of those small, daily actions that a purpose will come to life.

We cannot wait to see how your 2019 purpose unfolds this year! Follow us at @familiesofcharacter and share your journey with us!

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