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5-Star Days Kids (age 6-12), Dry-erase Daily Routine

5-Star Days Kids (age 6-12), Dry-erase Daily Routine

The super-simple reusable daily routine that creates structure, organization, and harmony in your home.

The 5-Star Days helps your 6-12 year old stay on-task and accomplish their daily responsibilities. It includes tracking tools, designed to help kids develop self-confidence, motivation, kindness, gratitude, and a team attitude!

With this dry-erase compatible tracker, your kid will:

  • take small actions daily that turn into habits over time
  • develop an attitude of gratitude
  • build confidence and independence
  • get more organized
  • strengthen mindfulness
  • become an MVP on your team!

They will also discover that practice makes progress and the importance of daily activities to care for ourselves and those we love. 

Customizable so you can add in the particulars of your family.

AGES: 6-12

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