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What parent wouldn't enjoy less stress, greater peace, kids who pitch in more, a tighter family bond, and a unified parenting strategy?

Parents who use our research-backed, 3-step proven process are getting just that and a home is filled with more laughter and joy!

The Thrive Guide: Integrity takes parents and their children on a journey to grow in the character strengths of honesty, respect, and responsibility. 
Our updated spiral-bound guide makes it easier than ever to start and continue the daily practice of living with integrity, with personal assessments, weekly goal-sheets, and ideas for encouragement and celebration.

Learn. Assess. Live.

Did you know it takes 21 days to commit a new behavior to habit? Our process successfully helps people turn small changes into habits that transform their whole lives! When you learn a new character strength, assess your strengths & weaknesses, and break down your goals into daily wins, it's easy to become the best version of yourself and set your entire family on track to their best version. WIN-WIN!

Grow in Integrity through these Character Strengths:

Honesty: Sincerity, openness, and truthfulness in one’s words and actions. Honesty helps foster strong, meaningful, and happy relationships throughout our lives. Much of the suffering in families, relationships, and even in society is due to dishonesty. This virtue helps us resist the temptation of instant results and cutting corners for our own self-interest. It also helps us understand discretion.
Respect: Recognizing the worth and dignity of every single human person. The virtue of respect allows us to live in harmony with others. When we respect our parents, we respect authority figures like teachers and our bosses, and even our neighbors. Respect can mean admiration for a person’s qualities or abilities as well as being courteous to or allowing others their rights. Respect can also mean a healthy regard for one’s self. 
Responsibility: Fulfilling one’s just duties and accepting the consequences of one’s words and actions—intentional and unintentional. Let’s face it, the world needs more people who are willing to take personal responsibility for their thoughts, words, actions, and their associated consequences. Teaching our children this virtue will help them throughout the rest of their life and, when times get tough, they can move through adversity much faster without playing the victim card.
Included in this guide:
  • Character strength lessons for both parents and kids
  • Weekly goal-sheets
  • Character strength-inspired quotes and advice
  • Age-based goal suggestions
  • Character strength assessments for parents
  • Child-friendly teaching advice
  • Recommended for families with children ages 3-18
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