The truth is—we parents are scheduled beyond belief and usually feel exhausted and overwhelmed just trying to get the basics done in a day: clean the house, put meals on the table, work, schooling. While I know (from personal experience 😉) moms are a rare, exceptional breed (we can do anything we set our minds to!)—it doesn’t mean we should be doing everything!

What if there were little tasks or habits we could incorporate in our day-to-day family life that would actually help us reclaim some of that vital time & energy that seem to get swallowed up leaving us feeling perpetually empty? I know what you’re thinking… “Add something to my day to get more time? Ha!” Stick with me. By being very particular about what we choose to do in a day, we can actually tap into more freedom and ditch all that daily drudgery. Without further ado…


This won’t require changing the time you get up, or making any sweeping changes to your routine—it’s merely about seizing the little time you already have while you’re sipping your coffee or waking up. If you’re in the habit of scrolling social media or news at the start of your day, consider swapping out 10 minutes to recharge your spirit, reflecting on your interior voice. Using a daily devotional featuring a quote or scripture reading helps to lay out a foundational perspective for the day. Sit with that perspective and consider how it can help you shape your day and your attitude. Journaling is an even more effective tool for spurring on gratitude, hope, and purpose, which in turn translates to greater productivity. The act of writing something helps set it in motion. Choose some thoughtful daily prompts, reflect, and write a few sentences. Try not to censor yourself, instead empower yourself to just listen and write. 

Examples of some journal prompts include: 

  • What am I most grateful for today and why? 

  • My attitude is everything! What can I do or tell myself today to tap into more positivity? 

  • What is my dream destination for the day and what are the small things I can do to get there?

2. Jot down A SIMPLE DAILY TO-DO LIST every evening detailing the next day’s goals
This simple daily practice is at the top of the list for many highly successful people. Not only does it increase efficiency, experts agree that the simple act of clarifying manageable goals for the day ahead and putting them on paper will help you get better sleep too. Many of us can’t turn off our brains while we’re sleeping because we haven’t mapped out the following day. By making a simple list of tasks we would like to accomplish, our subconscious can feel resolved and focus on sleep. It also gives us quick direction in the morning rush, helping us avoid the tendency to get drawn into the first squeaky wheel that presents itself. If we are clear on what we need to accomplish, we can more confidently say no to distractions or time wasters.

A simple format for your to-do list would include: 

  • Top 5 IMPORTANT Goals for Wednesday (in order).

  • Off to the side, you could also include extras (things I’d like to accomplish but are not a must).

3. Put A WEEKLY FAMILY MEETING in your calendar to discuss your family’s goals

Communication is key to unlocking more peace and productivity in the family. We are around each other a lot, so we should all know what each person is thinking, right? Oh boy, this thinking is all sorts of hot mess! None of us are mind readers. When we become more effective communicators, we grow in unity and trust. If I assume my husband knows that I’m frustrated when he leaves his shoes all over the house, I’m building resentment and when I finally unload on him… he’s feeling attacked. What if I kindly mention that it’s a small thing, but it helps me feel better because the house is that much tidier? Not only does it help our relationship through better communication, but it saves a whole lot of time.

Angst and frustration cause us to be less efficient with our time. We suffer a kind of emotional paralysis. Schedule a day each week when you discuss the hot button issues that are facing your family. My kids are virtual learning this year, so we are tackling ways to get more outdoor time and cut down on tech time. In the family meeting, we discuss how we’re doing, ways to improve, and celebrate the wins. It’s so important to empower the whole family to pitch in. When responsibilities are presented to them in a way that makes them feel part of a bigger mission, or a team philosophy, they are less resistant. That means chores and goals are spread out more evenly. Not everything falls on mom & dad. 


Being able to take on any challenge, and actually taking on every challenge are very different prospects.

One is a positive attitude that inspires us on tough days: I have what it takes to do anything!
The other is a recipe for chaos: I need to be doing EVERYTHING!

A subtle wording change, but a glaring difference. Together, let’s strive for positivity while proudly owning the fact we cannot (and should not) do it all! Let’s reclaim time in our days so we are rejuvenated and fulfilled to be more present to our loved ones. By following these three simple tips, you’re on your way!

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