7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Parenting

Ever wonder what things you should AVOID when parenting your kids? If we want to raise exceptional kids who thrive as adults, we have to draw a line and decide what we WILL and WON’T do, as parents. 

In this episode, I outline 7 Pitfalls to Avoid in your role as “parent”. 

  1. Undermining Your Spouse’s Discipline 
  2. Over-scheduling 
  3. Financial Shielding 
  4. Using Screens as a Substitute Parent 
  5. Being Authoritarian 
  6. Standing for Nothing 
  7. Calendar Chaos.

Take a listen for a deeper dive into each of the 7 pitfalls and challenge yourself if you are doing one (or many) of the 7 behaviors listed and take action to change just 1 thing for the next 30 days.


If you like this message, you’ll also enjoy Episode #13 with Dr. Leonard Sax, “What Factor Predicts Health and Happiness in a Child or Teen”.  Dr Sax is a world renowned speaker, family physician and psychologist and shares the research behind several of these pitfalls and the consequences they have on children.

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