Because I Told You So—Obedience vs. Understanding, an interview with Dr. Tim Zittle

How often are we yelling “Because I Told You So!” It’s a quick reply that tells our kids to do whatever we just commanded them to do, without question—right?! Take a listen to this episode to find out what impact that has on a child and how to avoid that phrase in the future. This interview with Tim Zittle, DC who is a chiropractic and wellness expert and works with both parents and children, offers great insight from a grown child’s perspective. He is 1 of 11 children and offers great insight into parenting, homeschooling and general family life. If you’ve ever wondered how someone so young can be so well adjusted and successful in life, this episode will help you understand why his parents did certain things, and what he chose to pursue on his own, after leaving home. 

In addition to the topic of obedience vs. understanding, Dr. Tim talks about unintentionally protecting kids from mistakes. "You can't encourage growth and defense at the same time. If you're parenting from a place of defending your children from mistakes they could make, you can't also truly encourage them to grow into their fullest potential." Tim Zittle, DC

This episode is packed with topics you won’t want to miss! In addition to being in the wellness industry, helping improve the lives of individuals and whole families, Dr. Tim is also an accomplished communicator, speaking all over the country regarding various topics on a regular basis. To find out more about Dr. Tim Zittle, visit


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