Our 3 Most Popular Episodes of the Year

Interested in the BEST CONTENT from our podcast over the past year? In this episode, I share the top 3 Most Popular Episodes and what makes each of them so valuable.

Our #1 most popular episode is #13 with World Renowned Speaker, Family Physician and Psychologist Leonard Sax! He shared with us the ONE FACTOR that best predicts future health and happiness in a child or teen! (Spoiler alert—it’s SELF-CONTROL) This episode provides some examples of how you can build up the self-control muscles of your entire family by doing a 30-day family challenge.  

Dr. Sax also talks about all his latest research about the following HOT topics:

  • What's WRONG with today's parenting 
  • The effects of video games on kids 
  • The American culture of disrespect—music, tv, & social media
  • Rules at home for managing screens
  • College—does the school matter?
  • Importance of developing virtue (aka “character”) at home vs outsourcing to schools.
  • Our 2nd most popular episode is all about Developing Grit in Your Kids, #35, featuring Angela Duckworth’s book, “Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance” and her message about a particular parenting style that fosters GRIT in kids—Warm, Respectful and Demanding! I share her story of interviewing an NFL Football player and his parents to find out what made their son successful. If you’d like a copy of our Kid’s “Grit Interview” printable, send an email to so your kid can interview a trusted adult about how they accomplished a goal, using grit. 

    Our 3rd most popular episode of the year is #25 called “From Overwhelm to Ease, featuring Andy Hickman” who is the Founder of Art of Workflow. The Art of Workflow is a high-touch coaching practice that empowers married couples, business owners and entrepreneurs to regenerate their clarity & creativity by transforming patterns in their mind. The most popular takeaway from this episode is the idea that those anxious thoughts that are constantly “pulling at you” or “nagging you” are actually a cue from your brain telling you that you have what it takes to solve that problem, you just haven’t done it yet. This simple re-frame will transform how you think and act, allowing you to take control of anxious thoughts and move to solutions. WIN!

    Thanks for celebrating 1 year of The Families of Character Show Podcast! Check out Episodes 13, 25, and 35 for a deeper dive.

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