Girl Dads & Why We LOVE Them


You’re probably rolling your eyes at the above quote because you appreciate how true it is! There’s just something about the father/daughter bond that melts hearts.  Lately, everywhere you look, celebrities and social media influencers are jumping on the “Girl Dad'' bandwagon.

What gives?

I guess they’re figuring out that fathers have a big impact on their children’s lives, especially in cultivating well-adjusted young women. After decades of diminishing the role of fatherhood, the culture suddenly thinks it’s super cool. Welcome to the party, world!  When we see dads (gasp!) engaged in their daughters’ lives, we can’t help but oooh and aaahhh because we’ve been conditioned to think it’s just not a thing. While “girl dad” parenting may be trending—at its core, this current craze taps into age-old pearls of wisdom:

Strong character is the glue that binds a parent and child—and effective “girl dads” understand the importance of laying it on thick. 

By living out character strengths like: generosity, gratitude, respect , patience, humility, forgiveness, and self-control, fathers are steeping their daughters in a values system which results in courageous, compassionate, level-headed women who are ready to take on anything.

How can dads be even more helpful in cultivating exceptional daughters? Check out these simple, yet wise tips that will lead to well-adjusted young women of the world.
  • Share a Hobby/Interest with her and get involved! Nothing cultivates a relationship more than spending time together. She’s into gymnastics—so start mastering your cartwheel, dad! Show up at her events. Don’t miss out on supporting her.
  • Actively Listen More Don’t ever mistake proximity for presence.

When you disconnect with electronics and spend time tuning into her questions, thoughts, and dreams, you’re investing in a brighter future. You don’t have to buy stuff for her—a mistaken pattern many men fall into. It’s more powerful to merely listen and be engaged in her life which lets her know how valued she is. Consider a monthly “date night” together. 

  • Do Her Hair Occasionally Most girls devote time to their hair. Don’t always leave it to mom. Face your fears and learn to master a simple ponytail. What a beautiful act of devotion that builds real intimacy.
  • Model Kindness & Gratitude to Her Mom She’s watching everything you do more than she’s listening. Your words don’t have the impact if they’re not followed up with a shining example. Treat mom with respect, gratitude, and humility and that will influence what she believes she deserves in a partner.
  • Ask for Forgiveness Often Be vulnerable with your daughter. That’s when your amazing bond is strongest. If you’ve made a mistake, which is normal, be sure to express your humility and own the misstep. This provides a powerful witness that offers  her permission to shoot for the stars instead of fixating on setbacks.
  • Open Her Heart to Service Truly leading as a dad means serving your wife and children in love and devotion. Model a servant’s heart by making your priority family and helping others. Get her involved in giving time, talent and treasure to the family & community. She’ll learn life doesn’t revolve around her. Talk about a character builder!

Just don’t miss one memorable moment because before you know it, your little girl won’t be so little anymore.  In the meantime, you go, girl dads! So glad the world finally recognizes just how amazing you are.



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