How to Guarantee the Best Mother’s Day Ever

Dads…do you really know what the mother of your children wants when it comes to being celebrated on Mother’s Day?

If not…no shame! I admit, we can be difficult creatures to figure out. If you’re unsure or don’t want to take a chance on assuming you know and would rather guarantee the best Mother’s Day EVER…ask. And by ask, I don’t mean the drive-by “Hey, babe! Whatcha want for Mother’s Day? It’s next week!” (we hate that) She’s worth a sit down convo where you ask for her undivided attention and really lean in and listen to how she wants to do this special day. And oh, by the way…one rule—NEVER make a comment about her answer. It’s reasonable to think “that’s not at ALL how I would do it”...but Do. Not. Say. This! Period! The rule is—no judgment!

If you want to guarantee she feels 100% celebrated and taken care of on this special day, then just simply ASK AND DELIVER. Moms… keep it reasonable! There’s no use dropping a bomb on your spouse & kids the week before the holiday saying you want to be on a beach in Bora Bora in just a few short days.  Make sure you consider your real circumstances in the present moment and ask for something your spouse or kids can deliver, en pointe!


According to real moms surveyed by @familiesofcharacter on FB & Instagram, here's a breakdown of what they want most for Mother's Day 2022:

  • Anything but cooking, doing dishes or changing a dirty diaper works for me! If the hubs could find a way to ensure there is no bickering/whining/fighting, that would be a DREAM!
  • Massage & facial and after the pampering, spending time with the hubs and kids with a glass of wine in hand, sitting on a warm patio listening to some country music.
  • A day at the spa by myself and then a date night with my hubby at a restaurant we’ve never eaten at. Love my kiddos but man do I need a mom break!
  • I’d love to have the laundry done for me and a hike with the family. I’d like to end the day with a glass of wine on the deck with my husband. 
  • When my kids were little and still crying, in diapers, and coming ONLY to me for everything, all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to go away. Not that I didn’t love my boys with ALL my heart, but because I needed to recharge and an hour away didn’t cut it. Now, my first baby is entering high school and all I want is to spend more time with him and my other boys. They bring me such happiness and laughter, daily. For Mother’s Day I would love, as cheesy as it might be, something homemade or written from each of them and to go out to dinner WITH them and to just be WITH them.
  • A “down” day: no expected must-dos, a walk, coffee, and quiet time/nap. Church with my family would be great, too!
  • Breakfast cooked by the family, a hot cup of my favorite coffee followed by a day of planting flowers in all my outside pots with help from the hubs and kids! No mom duties for the day. It’s our annual tradition and I love it!

So, you see…every mom prefers something a little different.  And it makes sense! We are all in different seasons of Motherhood and have different needs and wants. Feel the love this year as you celebrate the gift of raising beautiful children who will impact their communities for years to come! We are always in your corner, pretty mamas!

“I will look after you and I will look after anybody you say needs to be looked after, any way you say. I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother.” ― Maya Angelou

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