Ready, Set, Organize!

January is a great month to get organized. We’re not talking about going full Marie Kondo on your home. While that sounds like a dream come true for most parents, it’s just not super realistic in a family— 

But Mom, ALL of my Legos bring me joy!


Basement playroom’s a wreck? Have a pantry or closet that’s bursting at the seams? Or a whole room that’s become a drop spot for junk. You’ve got this!

We all desperately want more orderliness in our lives—especially in our living spaces that can feel bogged down with so much mess and clutter. Your home should feel like a haven, a safe space to recharge and renew. The problem is—your kids/spouse didn’t get the memo. 

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed and throw in the towel. You can still tap into joy while making progress, but it requires a balanced mindset:

  • Be realistic about the messiness of family life—your family shouldn’t look like a magazine layout. With that unfair expectation, you’ll always feel defeated.  
  • At the same time, you should also be assertive about maintaining achievable standards and appropriate timelines that the whole family can adhere to. 


The Families of Character way is to take small manageable steps that lead to major improvement over time. In other words, a little progress each day adds up!

But unless the whole family is contributing, a parent can feel like Sisyphus, ya know that sad Greek mythical figure doomed to repeatedly roll a huge boulder up a hill only have it roll right back down again. Here are three easy tips to make the month ahead a breeze!

  • Avoid the uphill battle by getting your amazing crew on board in working towards a specified goal. The key is to encourage each family member to pitch in in some way by divvying up tasks and discussing expectations ahead of time. No opting out. We highly recommend a weekly Family Huddle to discuss the agenda for the week. If your plan is to tackle a particular clutter hotspot, you can relay all that information clearly and simply to the whole family in your Huddle. (Psst… find out how to make the Family Huddle a successful bonding family routine with our FREE Digital Starter Kit—it’s jam-packed with helpful information to lead your family to more togetherness & cooperation.) 
  • Get everyone’s input on how best to attack the problem area(s). It may not be met with enthusiasm—but that’s ok. You don’t need a good attitude, you just need to get it done. It’s important to remember trying to force someone (read: tween/teenager) excited about an organizational task can result in major pushback. Instead, allow them to feel their annoying expressive feelings, but also be extremely clear about their responsibilities and when they must be completed. Just make sure you include everyone.
  • Set small actionable steps. Think about it—it can feel defeating to stare at “do taxes” on your mile-long to-do list. Where does one even begin?! Instead, break it into small tasks—gather receipts... Decluttering works the same way. Sort books, gather giveaways, organize baby stuff. These are all tasks that will feel achievable and therefore will not impede motivation.

Snap! You’re on the road to a more organized home. 


As a special incentive to get your 2022 off to a great start, we’ve attached two free printable pages from our Destination Organization Journal for Adults. Push past motivational gridlock and tap into more organizational joy with these thought-provoking pages!

It’s just a sampling of the many engaging and inspiring items you’ll receive in your first Adventure into Character Kit when you subscribe. Every other month, our kits come packed with activities and prompts designed to get everyone, parents, and kids, working together towards the same finish line: orderliness, generosity, gratitude, respect, and more! Ssshh! Your kids will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re building character. 


If you have an issue you’d like our help with, drop us a line at If you’re experiencing a problem, chances are thousands of other families are in the same boat. We’re ALL in this parenting boat together! 

Remember to tap into our Thrive Community on Facebook. It’s free and our team’s very own clinical counselor offers helpful tips and encouragement to parents who are adventuring together. 


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